Spain Aug 07


Veranos de la Villa 07
This summer we played outside the UK for the first time.
We were invited by Ernesto Schmied of Open Music, Madrid, to play 3 concerts.
One in Madrid at the Veranos de la Villa Festival (Summer in the City Festival) and 2 concerts at the Santander International Music Festival in Calabria (Northern Spain).
For this tour Piotr was replaced by Joe Townsend who plays with Mukka.
In Madrid we played in front of the Temple of Debod - an Egyptian temple given to Spain by Nasser when the Aswan Dam was built.
At the Santander Festival we played beside a 14th century church in Escalante, and at the Palace of the White Stones in Miengo.
We played our usual repertoire - a mixture of everything, and it was wonderful to be singing Ladino songs to the Spanish most of whom had never heard Ladino before.
We'll be in Spain again on Nov 1 in Manresa, Catalunya, at the
Fira Mediterranea Festival.






We played in front of the Templo de Debod for 1400 people

Preparing the stage beside an old church (!!) in Escalante,
outside Santander



The venue for our concert in Miengo, outside Santander, was the Palacio de las Penas Blancas (Palace of the White Stones)

Then we ate.

Cooling off in Santander