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3 live tracks
Chosid Wedding Dances       Devotedly Buoyant At Abos  
Russian Sher



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Ashk'farad - Vilna Salonika Afula
Klezmer & Ladino
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"SPECTACULAR!! Every track is a gem"
"...a bold and fresh new CD for klezmer lovers everywhere.
It has already become a regular part of my playlist,
along with the other Shir CDs"
Barry Reisman WNWR AM 1540 Philadelphia, USA

This album of music from the heart straight to the heart - as well as to the feet! - brim full of neshoma, or soul.
Ashk'Farad is completely enchanting and irresistible,
a highly enjoyable listening experience"
Rainlore's World of Music

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En El Cafe De L'Amanacer
Bukovina Freylechs / Judische Tanz
Tanz Yiddelach
Cuando El Rey Nimrod
Skocne / Nifty’s Freilach / Chanale Hitbalbela

Israeli Songs
Vocals and Instrumentals
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Dror Yikra
Kol Dodi
Hana'ava Babanot

From The Heart
Klezmer Yiddish & Israeli
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Special "Metziah" Offer
Set of all 3 Shir CDs
From The Heart, Israeli Songs and Ashk'farad
£25 inc p&p (UK only)
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All 3 CDs are available from:
Joseph's Bookstore
1257 Finchley Road Temple Fortune London NW11 0AD
Tel 020 8731 7575
and from
The Jewish Museum
Raymond Burton House, 129-131 Albert Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 7NB

Online and Outside EU

All CDs can be bought on-line from ARC Music and Jewish Music Distribution (secure credit card payment)

From The Heart is available from CD Baby (USA) as CD or MP3 download

From The Heart

All CDs are available online from:


I remember when there was just one record shop down the road!!!!


Review in KlezmerOnLine
"From the Heart", SHIR, UK

Line-up: clarinet/vocals, guitar/vocals, bass, violin
This was the CD that won the highest praise ("I’d go and hear them if I could") in terms of authenticity, innovation, virtuosity (especially the clarinetist – lovely tone) and versatility of sound. The arrangement of "Der Heyser Bulgar" was technically interesting and full of tuneful energy, and we particularly liked the string bass. Good for dancing, too. "My Yiddishe Mama" was performed in a rumba rhythm, and again felt like a dance tune.
Review in Jewish Chronicle by Gaby Wine

Shir are in foot-tapping form with their uplifting collection of traditional Jewish, Klezmer, Yiddish and Israeli music.
The London based band (a talented bunch) plays with plenty of soul and, as the album title suggests, lots of heart.
They are already making a name for themselves, having played more recently in front of Tony Blair when he was hosting the Israeli ambassador.
There's a bit of everything here, from "My Yiddishe Mama" and "Bei Mir Bist Du Shein" to "Erev Ba" and "Shalom Aleichem".
What makes the band a rarity on the UK Jewish music scene is that they retain the sound and spirit of the original klezmorim.
My only reservation is that there isn't more singing, since besides being accomplished instrumentalists, these guys aren't bad in the vocal department either.



Review in Dirty Linen – USA Folk/Roots magazine
Shir Israeli Songs (ARC EUCD 1840 [2003])

This is a very soothing and satisfying album of Jewish standards from a little known quartet based in England.
Shir (which means “song” in Hebrew) offers faithful interpretations of such cultural chestnuts as “Hava Nagilah” as well as several traditional prayers, including “Ose Shalom” and Leha Dodi”.
And while countless albums before this have featured similar selections, Shir does so with passion and meticulous craft. By using instruments associated with both Europe and the Middle East , the group creates a timeless bridge between the diverse musical backgrounds Jews developed and incorporated over the centuries.
And by mixing both prayer and worldly songs, Shir offer a fuller picture of the Jewish musical experience. Topping it off is Maurice Chernick’s serene vocals, which strike a nice balance between the sacred and the secular.
Recommended for anyone looking for an easy access point into Jewish music and others who simply want a pleasing listen.

Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine,   Summer, 2004  by Seth Rogovoy
Israeli Songs ARC Music 1840

Credit this England-based vocal and instrumental quartet with actually coming up with an original arrangement for "Hava Nagila" which is somewhat true to its origins as a Hasidic melody. Otherwise, the 16 songs included here--about half of them drawing from the cosmopolitan Jewish liturgy--reflect a certain Israeli folk aesthetic partial to clarinet and violin and heavy on acoustic guitars.
There is a penchant for finding the sinuous grooves and winding melodic lines in European songs that predate modern Israel as well as in contemporary Israeli folk songs. The group's versions of traditional material like "Kol Dodi" and "Dror Yikra" are workmanlike but not without feeling, whereas the four selections by contemporary songwriter Naomi Shemer are lighthearted.
Well-worn chestnuts like "Erev Shel Shoshanim" have a faint whiff of "A Mighty Wind" about them, but with a few Shlomo Carlebach numbers and contemporary folk classics like "HaFinjan" and "Bashana Haba'a," this makes a pleasant sampler of or introduction to 20th Century Hebrew folk music for the uninitiated.--SR

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